Outfit post plus instant hair make-over

Here's what I wore at last night's dinner with my college friends.

I wore a vintage apple green dress from Archive Clothing, brogues from F21, an orange Cole Vintage satchel and a fake bangs from Sathura. More on the bangs later. 
These are the only solo, whole body shots I got. I like taking photos of myself in front of the mirror so I took advantage of Bubba Gump's. That's my friend, Betchay at the back. I am quite enjoying the Samsung tablet my husband gifted me. Side story: I call the tablet my stress gift because he bought it at the time I was so overwhelmed with my work just a few weeks ago. 
Bubba Gump has a different variety of American dishes. My friends and I loved the resto's interiors. Think about woods, American flag, boat, countryside homes. In short, think about Forrest Gump. :p

I did stay away from fries and fried shrimps. At least now, I can already resist temptation.
This was a night full of laughter and reminiscing. It's been 7 years since we graduated. We are 7 in the group. The other 2, Iris and Xerx are in the U.S and Canada. More often than not, we only get to see each other when someone goes home in the Philippines. Joanne (the lady in front of me), brought her 3 huge photo albums of college memorabilia. We cannot even remember some of the photos we had! I just love these people. My love tank is once again refilled.

Let's get back to my bangs story. The last time I had a bangs was last 2010, when I chopped off my hair really short. But I started to breakout on my forehead and with the line of work I have-exposed to different patients, scorching hot in the area, I needed to clip it away from my face and grow it long, so bye-bye bangs. :(

I was fascinated with clip-on hair. The brand at S.M department stores, SATHURA caters different wigs and clip-on hair. I already own 2, and by chance, I saw the fake bangs and well, purchased it. It's a full bangs attached to a headband, but sooner, I will have the clip-on type. Remember Mikay of Princess and I? The only minor problem is they do not have the exact color of my hair, it's not obvious though unless someone keenly observes it. My friends actually didn't notice until I told them.
Tadaahh!! Instant hair make over!! :)

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