I am 28

I've been waiting for this month to arrive, but it seems so fast! But maybe there's just a lot of events that happened lately. It makes me sad that I am neglecting this blog--updating it once a month (Oh, my poor baby! ).  

October is my birthday month!!! I turned 28 last Tuesday. I gifted myself (and my whole family) a brand new sofa. Besides clothes, shoes, books and chocolates, I also loooove furnitures!! I shall update you with that when I visit my folks in Pampanga. I had it customized so it's still at the warehouse. You know how I love clothes and shoes, but for some reason, I am anhedonic towards them lately. I would like to believe it's part of my, how should I say it, hmmm transformation?! Since I started attending The Feast last year, my life had a new perspective, like everything became clear, my purpose, my dreams. And best of all, I got to know God as a happy and embracing God, which makes my Sundays non-negotiable as I have a date with my Father. :)

I invited my sister and cousins over for dinner last Tuesday. I craved for pancit malabon and pichi-pichi so I just called Amber, and within 40 minutes, the food arrived. My brother-in-law also bought pizza. It was a simple, laid-back celebration. 

My obligatory photo-op. My cousins and I played with my sister's dorky glasses. 
With the cousins. :) 
Then two days after, my college friends had an overnight stay at home. Last minute, I rushed to the grocery store and bought ingredients. I cooked everything. My promise on my 28th birthday is to take good care of my body, so everything I prepared was healthy, and they loved it (or so I thought? hahaha) :)
Healthy meal from scratch: sisig tilapia, cheese omelet and malunggay-pumpkin  soup.
My birthday cake, courtesy of my friend, Joanne. It says "Welcome Home, Judette; Happy  birthday, Beng!"  My friend Judette went home for a 3-week vacation from the U.K. 
Me and Judette. Geez, I didn't even bother to change clothes.  I'm such a home buddy. haha
Here are my college friends. From top: Kathy (who just came from a 12-hour hospital duty, Judette, Joanne (the new mom), and her darling baby boy, Neo. 
The next day, Maribeth and her daughter, Savine arrived.
Obviously, this charming boy was the center of attention. He's just so lovely. We're all his godparents.
Neo was mesmerized with Savine. He kept on crawling over her and smiling at her. 
One of the greatest feelings is to be touched by an innocent baby. So true! Actually, it was Bryan who mentioned this over Skype while I stutter for words out of excitement. 
There you go! My other wish on my 28th birthday is to make this blog bigger. :)

birthday girl,
Earth Angel

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