A mini tour of our cozy little home

After five months, I got to finally visit our small, cozy home in the province. I rarely go home since I lived with the Perlases.
It always gives me a countryside feeling whenever I am home in Pampanga. For one, time here is so slow because of much abundant oxygen source, and second, there's really not much to do. I don't even go to the malls because they are a bit far. Hmmm, on a second thought, I'd like to retract the latter reason. There's so much to do here actually, mostly house chores, and chatting with the folks, and reading books and relax and chat some more.

Kwento muna. My family and I transferred at my dad's hometown sometime in 1995 when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. Our previous house then was greatly damaged and our hometown was almost wiped out in the Philippine map. We temporarily lived at my grandmother's house (my dad's mom) until my parents decided to build a small house for us at the bare lot at the back of my granny's house. So our house was built out of necessity. Straight to the point, no fancy whatsoever. It was just a one bedroom house. For a year, my parents slept at the living room while my 2 siblings and I occupied the bedroom, until our house was extended twice for some additional rooms. Then eventually, we sort of adopted two of our cousins, making us seven in the family. Our house seems so small whenever we are complete, but now it appears huge. You know, we grew old. I got married so I transferred to another house. Then my siblings also transferred in the metro and abroad because of their work. *sigh* 

Hey, I don't want to be melodramatic again. Going home reminds me of my childhood. It's plain nostalgia! 
My older sister and I used to collect Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley novels. She collected the "High" and "University" editions while I was glued on the "Kids" and "Twins". Later on, she also collected Sweet Dreams and Love Stories and Jude Deveraux and Judith Mc Naught. Deveraux and Mc Naught are still two of my favorite authors until now. 
For a while, I was hesitant to upload this because it's icky. Any guesses?!?!  It's my  14-year-old appendix. I'm 28 now. This was removed when I was 14, leaving a centipede-stretch mark-like scar on my right lower abdomen. 
Well, I have proud parents! This is our living room--our photos and diplomas hanging everywhere. See that huge diploma on the top? That was the previous size of UST's. I told my dad not to laminate them because we don't want to bring huge, heavy, laminated diplomas during job interviews. hahaha..The biggest diploma belongs to my older sister. The following year, when I graduated from Nursing, they provided a smaller version already.

On the left is my night stand with my grad picture for my Master's Degree, a photo of Bryan and I in 2006, taken at Boracay (I had my hair permed before) and 2 stuffed toys from Bryan--Bobby, the basset hound (Bry's first gift to me plus a love card..yhiiiiee!!) and Chak-chak, the soccer ball. On the right is my 1 year cross stitch project which I finished in 1997. I was 13 then. 
Welcome to my room. It has a countryside feel with its color, wooden beds and ethnic inspired bed covers This room has evolved so much, including the roomers. hihi..My sister , 2 cousins and I slept here together for years. It was previously painted with light blue walls (because blue was my favorite color then) with a double deck bed. Then we got older and our preference changed so we repainted it with purple walls and chopped the double deck into 2 separate beds. There's always a spare mattress below Bim's (left) bed, so guests are welcome. :)
This is my favorite area at the moment. Remember my birthday gift for myself? It has arrived! I ordered the custom made, cream sectional sofa from Mandaue Foam. It's so bulky, the center table appeared small. Our living room now is full of sofa. I wonder where we can put our Christmas tree? This is still bare though. I'm still looking for a black and white curtains to fit my peg. :)
P.S: I am now back to my other home in the metro.

Happy long weekend!

Earth Angel

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  1. I was a Sweet Valley fan too! I started reading SV Kids when I was in 3rd grade. =)

    Lovely house, you have. =)

    1. Thank you, Sjen!! Same here! I think most of us were fans of the Wakefields. :)


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