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Hiiiiiiii!!! I'm heeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!! Whew, after almost two months, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!! The past weeks have been overwhelming- the monsoon rains, the lectures in school, yadda, yadda..I have been sleepless for weeks, but I'm glad it's already the second half of September, and October is approaching really quick. October is my favorite because it's my birthday month, and also because it's a rest month, you know--semestral break. I can't wait!! 

Just to give a quick update. We've been affected by the heavy monsoon rains last month (or was it July?). It was blackout in our area for 3 days. There's also flood everywhere, but we're still lucky the flood waters only hit the garage. 

Then the school stuff. This has been the most exhausting semester since I started working in the academe. I almost crawled toward my bed at the end of each week. 

Lastly, my sewing class. I was ranting for the past weeks because of my dilemma in sewing class. Click here for the story. I decided that my peace of mind is more important, so I totally gave it up and studied on my own. I watched some videos and read some blogs online, but mostly, I ran through my closet, inspecting clothes after clothes how they were made. I tried sewing again and guess what? I was able to make another skirt. I am learning, at the same time earning my confidence. I can definitely do this!! 

Yesterday, my new BROTHER has finally arrived!!! This is an edging machine or a serger.  My sister and I went to the main branch of Brother along E. Rodriguez and bought this. This is what I was praying for for the past weeks, and I'm just very blessed to have a generous husband. He paid half of it. heehee

Oh, and another reason why I am anticipating October is because I'll be working on a project. I will blog it soon!! I'm too excited! Good vibes! :)

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