Mustard and Red Berries

Since Sunday is my only off for this whole semester (I'm a college teacher.), I try my best to wake up early so my day will be productive. I was already up by 3:30 in the morning and had breakfast at 5:30. 

Back with my favorite Special K, Red Berries. Rest muna sa Koko Krunch. My mother-in-law is here for a 2-week vacation, so I requested the husband to send me this. And yes, I always eat breakfast on the bed while doing other stuff. Mostly school work. 
And my outfit the whole day. I finally owned a pair of mustard pants. I spent the whole day outside with my husband's relatives.
top: Fashion Galore, pants: bought from a high school classmate, shoes: Jelly Bean
Have a great week!


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  1. i love your colorful fashion taste. i do not think i can muster enough guts to go out in a pair of mustard pants, i do not think i can pull it off quite well...

    ah, i used to wake up at 3.30 every morning so i can tinker online whilst my son is fast asleep. i simply do not have the energy to do it body is begging for rest + my eyes are clamoring for sleep....:)

    musings on meanderings

  2. Nice outfit. You wake up so early huh. :) I usually sleep around 1am, I wake up 6am. :)

    -- KHIm

  3. The pants are funky! I like them. Oh, that's a healthy breakfast right there. I also wake up at 3am, but find it hard to go back to sleep.

  4. You look more like a college student than a college teacher. :D Love the mustard pants too!

  5. I so love the way you dress up. Love your wedge.

    Visiting form BC Bloggers Comment Exchange August 8.

  6. I'm horizontally big and vertically small so I'm more of short skirt type of gal, hahahahaha! I do love your pants but not on me, I'll look like a dwarf for sure. But I do love your shoes, exactly what I need, lol!


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