I'll take this slow

I realized that I am so uptight for the past weeks because of one goal I still cannot fulfill. You see, my goals are neatly written in a small notebook, and everyday, I make sure to do something to achieve those goals. One of my goals this year is to start a clothing line, that's why I took up courses at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. It was a breeze start--I was able to enroll 3 courses (Basic Fashion Design, Basic Pattern Making and Basic Sewing), and even bought a portable sewing machine, courtesy of my generous husband. But those aren't enough because I need to continue the advance courses, which I'm dying to go to. Unfortunately, I can't because I have a day job 6 times a week. Oh don't get me wrong. It was my choice to work six times a week (the reason's here)and I like what I'm doing. I just thought I could juggle things up and still continue with my passion for fashion, that sky's the only limit. But I can't! 

Right now, I still have my sewing classes and need to finish 6 projects. I am only done with one project and my course will expire next month. 
My first skirt. Click here for the story.
I am only available to attend my Sewing classes every Saturday afternoon. My mind wants to go, but my body can't. It's too tired, it's begging to rest. So what do I do? I go home straight after work and doze, missing another opportunity to create a skirt, a blouse or a dress, and I feel frustrated because I can't keep up with my timetable. 

My ego tells me not to rush, because I will get there soon, but my id tells me I should. I don't know, but a part of me believes I have to do what I have to do while I am still here in the Philippines; another insignificant reason is because I am turning 28 this year, thus carpe diem. I feel old. Jeez!

But then I realize, I need a breather. I have to take things slowly. If I rush things up, then I may miss some lovely details on the process because I am just too preoccupied with the result. I may not be able to fulfill this dream this year, but I'm on my way there, one step at a time. If I fail in this goal, I will bounce back soon. So yes, I feel better now. No more pressure! 


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  1. oooh, a clothing line dream... that's a good one Beng! Don't give up on the dream. I'll be one of your chic buyers when the time comes ;)

    Miss Mel


  2. I'm going through frustrations with my goals too :/ but I realized that I should just let the feelings be. Let all the frustrations out and when I'm feeling a bit ok, come up with a plan.

    I'm slowly figuring it out. I hope you figure out a battle plan soon too. hehe ( ̄ω ̄)ノ

    BTW what kind of sewing machine did you buy? I'm thinking of getting a small one too for my dolls.

  3. if you didnt accomplish everything on your list for that day, cheer up, you still have tomorrow. :)
    enjoy what you do and stress will be one step behind you :)
    wanna follow each other on gfc? just message me.
    thank you sis.

  4. I agree, you cannot rush it. You have to wait until you're inspired then you'll work like mad :)

    The Twerp and I

  5. I love doing DIYs. I hope one day I can manage to finish clothing projects too.
    -Daddy Allan (BC Blogger)

  6. dont rush, everything will fall into pieces at the right time. :)

  7. You're several steps ahead of me in making dreams a reality, so you can take it as slow as you need to. The greatest pressure is the one coming from within, cut yourself some slack :)

  8. Don't feel old, dearie. I'm 35 (which would make me ancient if you're old :D) and don't even know how to baste. Take it one step at a time and enjoy everything you are doing. Soon enough you'll realize you'd have reached all your goals - happy and not stressed. :D

  9. take it slowly. I know soon you'll have your own clothing line..:)

  10. i agree with you. just take it slow and you'll be surprised with the results.

  11. Keep on living the dream! :) Good Luck! I like your fashion sense by the way! =)

  12. You are still young. Don't rush things out. Things will be done accordingly.

  13. well, creativity never fades away..take our time...but not too much time if you know what i mean. nice design.

  14. They are right! You have t take things one step at a time dear! :)
    Cheer up!

  15. Wow, sewing class! that must be a fun activity!

    take time to breathe and enjoy everything. :D

  16. love your blog... very interesting... follower <3
    hope u like mine too

  17. I can definitely sympathize, but sometimes we really have to give ourselves a break. It's not healthy to push yourself too hard.

  18. Wow, go for your dreams! When the right time comes, I'm sure success will definitely follow. Break a leg :)


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