Mafia Dad

It's Father's Day yesterday. My sister, Bhim posted this on her Facebook and I'd like to share it with you. 

Through the years, it was always easy for me to look unto God as my Father. A great part of this I have realized, is because I have experienced how great a father and daughter relationship is. 

For all the yummy dishes, all the stories and all the prayers, thank you!
Much of my principles in life I know I got from you.
We may not be there to celebrate this day with you, but I know you're OK knowing that your daughters are well. :)

To our Mafia, The Man of our home. The Greatest Chef. The Husband and Dad.
Happy Father's Day Father Dear! :)

Everyone who knows my dad thinks he's a tough guy. I agree with that! My dad, he's short tempered, he's impatient, he raises his voice so easily, he's intimidating, he smacked our butts as punishment. But you know what? He dressed us up (He still does it to my mom. He has a sense of fashion). He put our hair into tight pony tails that even a whirlwind could not destroy. He does the laundry. He irons our clothes. He cooks the yummiest meals. He spoiled us with lots and lots of chocolates! And when he retired, he became the house husband while my mom works. He cried when I underwent appendectomy (maybe he thought I was gonna die). He cried some more when I got married. And there's a lot more! 

My dad always wanted to have a son. He had 3 girls instead. But I know he won't choose the other way around. He's our greatest fan! So dad, don't worry about us. You and mom raised us to be tough like you. Thank you for being the imperfect dad! Your imperfection is what makes you PERFECT and we won't choose any other way around either. You will always be the MAN in our life! 

Ethel :)

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  1. A real man defines masculinity on his terms. Your father seems to epitomize that. And the roots that he laid in your foundation will never be forgotten.


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