Bryan's birthday makes me sad, and hopeful

Bryan and I have been together since 2004. Since then, we were only able to celebrate his birthday thrice. Not even half! So today, my husband turned 28, and I am not with him. Yah know, today's Sunday, so if he was here, we could have spent the whole day dating, surprising, loving, laughing and cuddling. I sound so frustrated, don't I? But then, there is also so much hope in my heart that starting next year, we will be inseparable. And we both declare it's gonna happen. 

With our past and current situation, you may guess we have limited photos together, which could be the reason why I subconsciously hired three photographers in our wedding.hahaha..With that, I'd like to share you these vintage photos that I truly cherish. 
This photo was taken in 2004 at my 20th birthday. Most people find Bryan so serious. Well, he is! But he also has this hilarious (sometimes ridiculous) side.
This is another favorite. Bryan and his batch mates had a basketball league. The yellow and purple thing on my lap was his uniform and they won!! He said I was his lucky charm, and I believed him.hahaha..I wrote some things about him before (click away) so I won't make this long.

Happy 28th Birthday, Bryan!!! You're one of the few people I know who don't shy away their age. I am very proud of you! 

much love,
Earth Angel

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