Teja Faye

I was doing some sketching and water color painting in my room few days ago when I decided to go down the living/dining area and finish it there. You see, I do have a desk in my room (courtesy of my sister-in-law), but I can't use its real purpose because it's piled with books, papers, plastic envelopes (usual teacher thing) and the latest, a sewing machine. So I packed my art materials and off I went down. Minutes later, my niece, Teja and her mom, Ate Jean, went down also to have their afternoon snack. Teja just turned 3 (although she looks taller and bigger her age). After the "little whirlwind" greeted me, "Hi Chee-cha (tita) Beng!", her eyes were fixed on the papers, pencils, water and water color. You know how kids are in this age, so Ate Jean warned her earlier, "Teja, don't bother Tita. Don't touch anything." Teja was still "amazed" (yes, amazed at my disproportional drawings--they seemed infected with poliomyelitis) and gazing happily with what I was doing. Then she looked at me and cried, "Galing, Tita!" Oh my, that was a moment of nirvana! It feels good to receive a compliment, but coming from a three-year-old who's just learning how to talk and express herself. Wow! Just wow! Minutes later, she started to gently touch the paper with her little fingers, followed by the water and pencil. So I gave her a bond paper and pencil to doodle on. Then before they went up to their room, she cried again, "Bye Chee-cha Beng. Be a good girl okay?" I burst our laughing and replied, "I'll be a good girl, Teja. Be a good girl too, ok?" She didn't answer..hahaha..I love kids's antics. 

Here's the very cute, Teja. I grabbed this photo on Facebook. From the looks of it, she's playing mommy-baby over her pink bear. I blogged about her here, here and here when she was still an itsy bitsy, behave baby. 

She's channeling her pacute face here. hehe..Be a good girl Teja, okay? :)

love yah!
Chee-cha Beng

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