Out of bed look

It's the 30th wedding anniversary of my parents tomorrow but we celebrated yesterday! It was a very happy occasion! Thank God! I want to share you guys what happened. Okay, so a brief introduction first (I'll divide this in 3 or more parts). The original plan is for them to have a surprise celebration--an intimate renewal of vows and reception. Unfortunately, there were no available priests 'coz it fell on a Sunday. I was already desperate that I had to tell my dad about the event (and he's the only one who knows how to get to the place). Well, at least only him. We manage to keep it from mom (she was absolutely clueless!!). About three weeks ago, I sent text messages to my mom and dad's siblings, plus their partners about the details. I had no idea that 30 years is a pearl anniversary, so imagine my excitement (pearl is my favorite gem). haha..I asked everyone to wear white and so they complied (except my other aunts and uncle because my dad forgot to tell them). Here's what I wore on the day.

I call this my out of bed look. Seriously, the dress looks like a nightgown. Plus my no make-up look (literally no make-up) and air dried hair.hahaha
I was sweating like crazy so I put my hair into a ponytail. 
dress from Cosmopolitan, necklace and floral heels from Jelly Bean
Can you guess where this place is? It's Abe's Farm! I fell in love with this place the first time I saw it, so it was my only choice for this lovely event. 
Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!! 

(more posts coming up)


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