My First Skirt!

My Basic Fashion Design and Basic Pattern Making classes are officially over, although I have yet to finish the final requirement in Fashion Design. 

I will miss this class! 
On the other hand, the final requirement for Pattern Making is to make a basic bodice with our own size, then have it sewed using coco fabric. I took the risk and sewed it myself. Honestly, I still don't know the rules, you know, what to sew first. I just followed my instinct. Then after 5 long hours....
Tadah!! My basic bodice is done! Some of the edges were roughly finished because I still lack skills, but then I got too excited and showed it to Bryan right away (thru Skype of course). He gave me an A+ grade. hahaha..I could feel he was really happy for me. Composed and nervous, I rushed to FIP to submit my final requirement. I had to wear it over my shirt just to see if it fits me, and it did! I was expecting a lot of corrections from my teacher, but the collar part was the only one she commented on. The circumference was too wide. Other than that, my work was very good!! Yey!! 

Not only that, I was able to finish my first skirt, well, almost done! Yes, that pink skirt on the above photo.

Let's take another look... 

This is my first project in Sewing classes. A basic skirt without lining. Pwedeng work outfit! hehe..5 more projects to go. I have to give myself a pat on the shoulder. :)


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