Mom and Dad's 30th Wedding Anniv: The Food etc

If you missed the first part, click here to catch up. :)
Our surprise for the folks was last Sunday (two Sundays ago by the way). The night before, my mom sent me a text message, asking when will I visit home (them) again. I didn't reply. haha..On the day itself, I fetched my cousin slash adopted sibling with her boyfriend and off we went to Pampanga. I cried, "Maaaa" as soon as we entered the front door of our house. The mother was surprised to see us. And may I just say, I was more bewildered of her reaction because I wasn't expecting her to be that surprised. So you know how mothers are. She rushed to the kitchen right away to cook something for us, but we were just right on time to stop her and encourage her to dress up. I said we were eating out, and it's HER treat. 
We made a lot of alibis. We (my siblings and dad) pretended I had to meet my best friend, Katreen somewhere. Mom only mumbled, "It's okay, it's still early." I swear she was clueless, or maybe I just didn't have any idea what's going on her mind. After almost an hour, we finally reached our destination. The guard opened the gate, my mom's eyes were as big as a tarsier's, her neck was as long as a giraffe's. Still clueless--or maybe she had a hint already. The van parked and we shouted, "Surprise!!! Welcome to Abe's Farm!!!!

Ever ready for pictorial. This was her reaction.

As I've said before, Abe's Farm was a rest house converted to a country-style restaurant. So much things to explore inside. You wouldn't get bored I swear!

Few minutes later, the special guests arrived....
The mother was teary-eyed!!

While waiting for the food, Bim showed a surprise video for the folks from friends and family all over the world.

Okay, here's the yummiest part..The Food!! The waiters were very friendly and accommodating. I reserved for 20 seats and planned to order around 8-9 plates per food. The waiter told me that's too much servings, so I trimmed down to 5-6 plates. (each order is good for 3-4 persons, except drinks and rice)
Paco Fern Salad..I love the vinaigrette!! This is a must try!
Squid Tactics..Supposedly an appetizer, but it's perfect with rice too!
Binukadkad na Pla-pla with balo-balo and mustasa (Pla-pla is an overgrown tilapia)
I don't have photos of Pinakbet Capampangan and Abe's Morcon.
Finally, the dessert..
This is called Sikreto ni Maria..I was just intrigued because it's the only food on the menu without description. It only said, "find out what the people of Magalang swoon about". Well now I'm unveiling the secret. It's made up of vanilla ice cream with fresh mangoes, macapuno and suman inside. Abe's Farm is not air-conditioned, so the ice cream melted right away (it looked like a cream of mushroom soup). That's how warm here in the Philippines. 
buuuuurppp!!! sooo busog!! 


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