Metrowear Rocks 2012

Here's what I wore last night at the Metrowear Rocks: The Runway Fashion for a Cause, held at the Isla Ballroom of Edsa Shangrila Hotel. 

Everything was recycled here, and I'm so proud of myself! The dress is from Kate Torralba. That same dress I wore in our pre-nuptial pictorial two years ago. This was also the very first dress I adjusted using my Brother sewing machine. Shoes from Pill and clutch bag from S.M Department Store. Gery Penaso made me up again, this time was not the usual vintage or no-make-up look which I always prefer. 

Lookit my eyes!! They're bigger than ever! FIERCE!!! They're still as round as saucers even if I smile widely. You know the kind of smile that pull your eyes into a straight line and make all the fats in your cheeks puff out? Gery chose black and gold for the eye shadow. I love that tinge of gold! I'll say this again. I don't know anything about make-up, so I leave it up to the expert. Gery loves doing experimental make-up (is this even the right term?) and I was an obedient guinea pig. heee

Our Fashion Design teacher, John Herrera was one of the featured designers on the said event. So as his students, we went to support him and also the other designers. The show was great! I am inspired (someday, someday...). Here's John Herrera's collection. That see through gown is love! 

The finale with all the designers and muses.

I won't post other photos anymore as they have poor quality. :(

But, here's a photo with my handsome teacher. :)

We we're able to sneak inside the dressing room after the event. John's staff was still there, so we got a moment to look (and admire) at his creations up close. We tried on the head pieces too, I felt like She Ra. ahahaha
Don't remember She Ra anymore? Here's a photo..See? Even the bangles matched. :P

We were also able to get a loot bag! 
Let's see what's inside..There's a bottle of Tanduay Blue, that's why it's heavy. Anyone who wants it? :)

K.Tnx,bye! :)

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