Wedding March with a Twist

What song do you have in mind for your wedding march? If you ask me, I am a fan of Pachelbel's Canon in D (but I chose other songs for the wedding march and bridal walk). Anyway, there's just something so special about that song. But you know what? I struggled so much in finding the title of this classical music during my wedding preparations. I kept on hearing this on weddings but no one could tell me its title. I even tried humming it so other people would guess it for me, but since I am always out of tune, I failed miserably and they even laughed at me! Then sometime in 2008, I remembered a scene of "My Sassy Girl" where she played the piano in an auditorium and the guy handed her a stem of red rose. It sounded like the "it" song. So I typed "My Sassy Girl Piano" on Youtube (I could sense victory at that moment) and eureka!! Technically, it's not really the music I was looking for (it's Canon in C), but there were links on the right side showing Canon in D. And that's the story. heehee
I'm pretty sure a lot of brides still go for Canon, but would you dare play the rock version on your wedding? 

Here's Sunga Jung's Version, and my definition of ecstasy. 
Of course this rock version is not applicable to all couples, but I know some lovebirds who could pull this music effortlessly. And I guess this type of music will not be allowed on Catholic weddings, right? 

Here are other ideas. Remember Glee's Furt episode? I also call it the Bruno Mars' special. 

And for a real wedding. This video went viral for weeks. At first I thought it was just a show off--I was ready to make a face but I still watched it anyway. I was wrong. I couldn't stop laughing, and admiring everyone. The friends (entourage) must really love the couple for doing such. It was hilarious, but heart warming. 

As for me, "We've only just begun" by The Carpenters was played for the entourage, and "Cant help falling in love" by Elvis Presley during my turn. We still went for the classics, although I almost chose Sam Milby's rock version (Can't help falling in love). 


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