My Summer

No summer outings for me! But it's okay because I am quite busy and enjoying my classes at FIP.

Another outfit post I wore in my Pattern Making class last Thursday. It reminds me so much of my school uniform in kindergarten until high school. 
jumper dress: Refill, polo shirt: Jelly Bean, bow tie and socks: S.M department store, shoes: F21 

This pose is unintentional by the way. I take photos by myself with my ever reliable mini tripod and the cabinet as background. 
Speaking of kindergarten and elementary, we felt like kids in our Fashion Design class today because we discussed COLOR. As an activity, we painted our drawings using water color. I'm loving water color now! 
Yep, it's the color wheel! And yes again, we reviewed the 12 hues (primary, secondary and tertiary colors)!  Here, we have to achieve an acid effect (fading). Water color works best with an eggshell or acid free paper. 
Then we painted our own drawings- a full body and a face.
That's not porn all right. hihi..The drawing and painting still need a lot of practice  (see short arms, crab-like fingers, disproportional legs, eyes and so forth). Buuuut for someone who can only draw stick people like me, I am proud of  what  I did. Kaya ko rin palang mag drawing! Hats off to my teacher, John Herrera. He's just so good! Love him!

Oh, and I was able to adjust my skimpy dress! It's a beautiful, customized cocktail dress, but I just couldn't breathe whenever I try it on. It fits so well now and I can move comfortably. Yey!
Willingness overpowered reluctance! Almost done--that's why I'm smiling! I will wear this dress again soon to an event. :)
 How are you spending your summer so far?


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