What's brewing?

I am pursuing my other passion this year. And, and it will formally start tomorrow!!! I feel butterflies in my stomach now. 

Yep, your guess is right. I enrolled at a reputable fashion school in the country. First on my list was to buy a sewing machine and my husband granted this wish. He's the most generous! And so the following week, I enrolled 3 courses at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Enrolling three courses at the same time is quite hefty so I jumped for joy when Bryan sponsored the sewing machine (because my budget is just enough for the 3 courses). 
I learned how to manipulate a sewing machine when I was 14. My Home Economics teacher required us to make a pajama for our final project. I did it! It even became my regular pair of pj's until it was worn out. It was even passed to my younger sister.
Anyway, I nervously asked the lady at the information table if it's okay to enroll for Basic Fashion Design even if I can only draw stick people (I glanced at my right and saw fashion design students with their beautiful sketches and projects and I was insecure at the moment.). I was relieved when she smiled calmly and told me it's okay (They have other students with the same case.hihi). It's the passion to learn that matters. I know it won't be easy, but I am determined. I can already see my younger sister and I enthusiastically working together. :)
I'm ready for my first day in fashion school! 
On a different note, my book arrived weeks ago from Saarbrucken, Germany and practically forgot to blog about it. Luckily, they sent me 2 copies so I gave the other one to my advisor, Dr. Lily Famadico. 
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  1. How exciting! Good for you! I felt the same way when I finally pursued my passion by enrolling in makeup school last year. :)

    Good luck!



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