Someone's Mmmmmboping!

Ohmigosh! After 14 years, I will finally get to see them. I'm excited and giddy and hyperventilating and, and speechless! I was 13 years old when Mmmmbop became a hit. I don't remember exactly how I started to love this band. I even thought the 2 of them (Taylor and Zac) were girls. haha..I admired them for their music, their talents and how they are as brothers. I even memorized all their songs and bought all their albums in cassette tapes. Typical teenage fan I tell you. To top it all, I sent a request of one of their songs in MTV Singapore and made a special token for them. Remember, KC Montero and Donita Rose used to be the MTV vj's and they had a show called MTV by request (something like that)? I just don't know if it arrived there or was lost when it was shipped. Well, I'm happy! I already have the ticket! Yehey!!! 

This song (all their songs!) put me to nostalgia. It reminds me of high school, especially my white and navy blue uniform. They don't have squeaky voices anymore, which make their songs a lot better. 

Updates next week! Yahooo!!! 
By the way, I booked online thru TicketNet and paid at the SM North outlet. It's located at the Department Store section at the back of cashier 9 (I can't remember if it's at the upper ground or second floor). 


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