What Happened at the Fashion School

Hellloooo!!! Did you miss me? heehee..I have been exhausted for the past 3 weeks. There's the completion of requirements at work, computation of students' grades, etcetera, etcetera! I can't believe the academic year is over once again, and another batch is graduating. Wow! Okay, I am more excited on telling you about fashion school. It has been great! Well, to be honest, a huge chunk of my physical and mental exhaustion is  blamed to this new endeavor. Oh, don't get me wrong. I have no regrets! In fact, I always carry a huge grin on my face whenever I go home from FIP. I love it there! John Herrera is my teacher in basic fashion design (more on him on the next posts). 
Here's a funny story. My classmates and I were waiting at the corridor for the school to open during our first day in Pattern Making course. I asked who our teacher is. One of them answered, Ms. Mo (same as Mo Twister). So we waited for the mysterious Ms. Mo until she arrived. Guess what?! Ms. Mo (Monina Tan-Santiago) is Bryan's aunt/godmother. We were both surprised for the unexpected encounter. It was hilarious. I didn't have any idea she teaches at the Fashion Institute. Plus, she gave me some of her rulers used for pattern making. That's a huge savings on my part!  So on our first day with her, my classmates and I went home with a basic skirt drew on our pattern papers. We'll be making different skirts for the next meetings. :)

Sir John asked us to get issues of Vogue magazines, which I haven't done yet. But I do check style.com regularly.  He prescribed some fashion books that are advisable to read but I didn't find any at the local bookstores. Instead, I found myself staring at this huge book. The content is more on textile details and a little history of the 50's fashion.

Below are photos of my Fashion Design classmates during our ID picture taking.

And they're all watching..hahaha
 That's it! And for the outfit I wore today:
polo and shorts: Bench; shoes: Pill

Love these shoes! But I didn't wear them in school because it's drizzling outside the whole day. Plus, I  had to bring  a tote bag and a backpack for all my things, and a huge roll of pattern paper, so I just settled with flats. 
It's only Thursday, but enjoy the weekend! 


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  1. Hello, dear! I am so happy for you that you got into fashion school. I'm sure you have so much potential and taste to improve the fashion landscape of Manila. ;-) I'll be one of your clients 'pag designer ka na. ;-)

    1. Thank you, Sjen!! Can't wait to dress you up then! :)

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