My Valentine Story

When I was in third year college, my RLE was scheduled (RLE is like an on-the-job training for nursing students) Thursday to Saturday at 12 noon up to 6 in the evening. It so happened that Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday that year. So while everyone was busy in their Valentine itineraries, I was just about to start my day--in the hospital. To cut the story short, I went home in our dormitory, dragging my whole body as I was so tired. The whole third floor (where I stayed) was very quiet and dark. My dorm mates were all out, plus,  the fluorescent light in our room broke, making our room dimmer. With nothing to do, I went out into the veranda, only to observe lovers all over my vision field. I couldn't hide it. I felt a pang of envy! And so I let out a deep sigh and subconsciously prayed (and hope!) that something special would happen that evening (told ya I'm a hopeless romantic). I returned to my room, fell on the bed and slumbered. Way passed 12 midnight, I woke up from a phone message. Who would send a message this late (or that early)? It read, Hey, I got your number from a classmate.-Bryan. I couldn't believe my eyes! I am aware of phone etiquette, so I planned to go back to sleep and reply late in the morning. Plus, I only had 1 peso load (boo!). Unlitxt, Sulitxt, Talk n Text, Megatxt, Supermegaunlitxt or any form of those things were still bound to be discovered. I struggled to go back to sleep but I couldn't and so I gave it a try and replied. Guess what, I was able to send more than 5 messages before I received a check operator services message. And that was the start of a lifelong love and friendship. Oh, and I was able to go back to sleep so soundly! hahaha..Looking back, I am thankful that I chose to invite Bryan on Friendster (Friendster was The Facebook then), because if not, maybe our paths will never cross. No one will know, actually. But after 8 years, here we are now! I am blessed! We both are. Happy Valentine's Day, my love! :)
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