My Fabrigodmother

It all started with my obsession for pillbox and fascinator hats during my wedding preps. For more than 2 weeks, I searched and searched and saved photos of my pegs until Google led me to Fabrichild's online shop. My heart raced as I browsed the custom made hats and I mumbled to myself, "I found her!" (click here for the story)

My bridesmaids looked regal! I couldn't stop smiling when I saw them all prepped up. Their hats were cherries on top!  Dealing with the owner of Fabrichild, Roy Anne was a breeze, so our business transactions did not stop with the hats. 
She made me several dresses too! Oh, some of them were borrowed. hihi..The Maya top (left most) and Naoemi dress (upper most right) were used during our post-nuptial pictorial, while the other 2 dresses were worn during the wedding of my cousin and my graduation last year
She also made me a costume for an event last year. This was a rush. She made it in 2 days. Besides all the dresses she did for me, I also love how she gives extra effort to her packages. We do everything online. All items were neatly placed in a box, attached with a special note, sometimes with a freebie! So yes, Roy Anne is my fairy godmother!! A fab one! :)


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  1. You have the flattest tiyan ever! Gusto kong umiyak sa inggit! The last time my tummy was that flat was when I was 9!


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