Get that look: Leighton Meester

Navy blue, white, red and stripes remind me of Popeye and Olive! Who could be more nautical than the sailor man and his skinny, long-legged sweetheart? 

Apparently, I let out a loud hooray when I saw this photo of Leighton Meester. I have something like this in my closet! :)
I lost the photo's source again, sorry!
This dress was from Mint. It was an impulsive buy, and again, I haven't worn it ever since.  I was in a brief state of nostalgia as I remembered my Day Care uniform. Mint had a red version of this, but I chose the navy blue. 
Hihihi..The one in uniform is my Ate (older sister). I'm the little "boy".hahaha..If I remember it right, my mom had this uniform adjusted when it was my turn to attend Day Care. 
dress: Mint; stripes shoes: Jellybean
Yey or Nay? Sorry, there's scarcity of accessories, so I just clipped my hair extensions, hoping to achieve Leighton's locks. :)

Earth Angel

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