Animal Print (makikiuso bago mawala sa uso)

I miss blogging! It's been more than a week. Whew! I'll tell you why. For the past 2 weeks, annoying skin allergies erupted all over my body. Except the face, thank God! I was itching all over, I looked like a red Dalmatian. My skin's healing now, although dark marks stayed, but they will be gone soon! They have to! Anyway, I was with my whole family today (just in case you don't know, my family lives in Pampanga and I stay in the Metro). My older sister will be leaving the country next week, so we went out to treat her, and my mom, dad and younger sister tagged along. Here's what I wore...
I had a general cleaning the other day, and saw this leopard-print maxi dress. I haven't worn it since it was purchased. 
I love the back details! maxi dress: Tomato; sandals: Jellybean (duh, it's not visible anyway)
Earth Angel

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