1st Blog Giveaway: Here Comes the Veil

Some weeks ago, I wrote about my Fabrigodmother, Roy Anne. Well, guess what?! The Fabrigodmother is so kind and generous that she's making customized wedding veils for 5 lucky Cinderellas! So yes, this is my first blog giveaway, courtesy of the fabulous godmother. 
I still can't let go of weddings, so imagine my excitement when Roy Anne asked me to collaborate with her. Just a brief background about wedding veils. Historically, a veil was used by the bride to protect her from evil spirits, but now, it is the cherry on top! There are different kinds of wedding veils, usually vary in lengths. You may click this link for more information (source: www.wedding-veil.com). I opted for a very short wedding veil on my wedding for two reasons- to go with the theme and to avoid tripping (because I'm clumsy!). :)
My very short veil.
Cheska Garcia-Kramer's short veil (http://www.chitovecina.net/?p=170)
Duchess of Cambridge's elbow length veil

Kristine Hermosa's floor length veil (but I think it's longer). source here 
So without further ado, here are the mechanics:
This veil giveaway is open to all brides who will tie the knot this year of the water dragon, 2012.
1. like Fabrichild on Facebook
2. follow Oh My Earth Angel here on blogspot
3. Please answer this question. Which is your favorite veil and why?
4. 5 lucky brides will win. 2 will be chosen by Roy Anne and I, and the other 3 brides will win by raffle on May 24, 2012. 
5. Contest is open to anyone with a Philippine address
6. Please include your Facebook name (so we'll know if you liked Fabrichild's page), your wedding date and venue. You may leave your information and answer on the comment box of this blog post. 

P.S: If you are someone close to the bride (a groom, friend, parent, sibling, etc.), you can also join this contest. Simply follow the mechanics above, except #3 and answer this question, Which veil do you think will be perfect for the bride? Why? 

Do post or email us your photos with the veil on your big day! Our hearts will scream with joy! Best Wishes! :)


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  1. I choose a floor length veil because of its dramatic effect :) -Jenny Jane Viray.October 16,2012.Oasis Manila

  2. liked on FB: Natália Anna B.
    balintnati (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. following your blog at Natiiii
    balintnati at gmail dot com

  4. I prefer either very short ones or long ones!

  5. I love short veils!
    -so chic, perfect for a modern- vintage look!

    Wedding Date: 26Aug2012, Taguig City


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