Two Years

Two years ago, I believe I did the bravest thing in my life.

Twice I got married! You know our story. I'm a distant wife. With those 24 months, Bryan and I have been together physically for barely 5 months. Most people feel sorry for us. I feel otherwise. Yes, we feel lonely at times,  we cry with no reason, we lived like singles, but we grew. We've matured! We became more responsible, we supported each other's endeavors, we got to know ourselves more. I cannot explain so much, but this temporary separation is helping us to prepare for our future, like a warm up for bigger responsibilities and commitment, let's say parenthood? And when the time comes that we'll be together again (for good), we are more than prepared!
Happy second wedding anniversary, my love! :)


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  1. I really admire you two. You help me believe that true love still exist. :) love you both :)


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