These are some things in red that I've had, I currently have and will have! :)
I promised myself that I will only wear red lipstick on my wedding. I even had my teeth braced to get that perfect smile!  One thing I learned about red lipstick is not to wear it with braces because it will make the gums hypertrophied. I've experimented it, and it's true! I looked like a clown. The first photo by the way was taken last year for Jesy Alto's project. The lipstick, however was from the plum family, but it still looks red. heehee..I wore a Russian red lippie on the second photo. Both make-up done by Jesy. :)

I have 3 pairs of red shoes, and I want another pair! *sigh* There is something about red shoes. I feel empowered and more confident with these shoes on. 

And lastly, I want to own a red car!!!
Bryan remembered me when he first saw this Fiat 500 car, which is endorsed by Jennifer Lopez. He knew how much I love Ferrari red cars! photo source
A red Suzuki Swift is also on my list! photo source
But a red Beetle will always be nice!!! I'm petite, so these cars are perfect. They look so quirky. Hmmm, let's see. But for now, I should learn how to drive first. hahaha (photo source)


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  1. Oh my, it's you! That picture on the right was my peg for my wedding--bare face, well-defined brows, nude eyes, red lips. :) I've stared at your photo COUNTLESS times, I have it in my files! Jesy Alto was my main choice of makeup artist (her and Jasmine Mendiola) but I couldn't afford her, and I loved to look at the work on her website. :)

    You're so pretty!


  2. Haha..I've seen my photos on other blogs too. It's also their peg, sometimes it's my gown. Jesy's rate was affordable when I booked her way back 2009. You're equally pretty too! :)


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