Holiday Outfits! :)

How was your 2011? Mine was fabulous! I had so many blessings, and best of all,  I  found the answer to my spiritual hunger, which I will share soon, and hopefully will be a blessing and transformation to you, too. The photo above was taken on Christmas Eve. After 2 years, we are finally complete in our family picture (My older sister, Ate Boom, worked for 2 years in Riyadh, that's why.)

The next photos were taken on New Year's Eve. My outfit was 60's inspired--again! This is the look, with all conviction, that I believe I could pull of so effortlessly. My eyes are quite different here. It's because of the make-up. Obviously, my younger sister, Bim, did it. I'd like to think I'm a chameleon as my looks are ever changing with make-up. The dress was from Kate Torralba for Paperdolls, her second collection. I always wanted to own one as I'm a huge fan of her. Oh, wait! Another Kate that I adore. Anyway, I got it on a huge sale! I had to hug Bim for finding it among the racks of clothes. 

Next outfit was Nautical inspired. I wore this yesterday in our reunion. My family and I wore blue for distinction.
top: Folded and Hung, skirt: Tomato, shoes: Janilyn
Behind me is my grandaunt. Since my grandmother died, she replaced her role and became the most lovable and cutest grandma to all of us. We all love her! It was also her 88th birthday yesterday, the main reason why we had a family reunion. 

Oh, and I have a guest!! Meet Chloe, our little fashionista. I blogged about her 2 years ago on her 1st birthday. She looks like a walking doll, literally, especially in this outfit.

It was a humid day. Everyone was perspiring, including her! She found her spot and took a rest from all the playing.   
Happy birthday, lola!! Love yah! :)

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