For Bryan

Last Thursday, Bryan and I celebrated another wedding anniversary. Actually, we celebrate 3 wedding anniversaries, but I won't dwell on that now. Bryan and I have been together for 8 years, so this post will be all about him, but I'll be an extra. heehee..So here are some fast facts about him. 

1. He looks like Jolo Revilla.

2. He does not wash his face, but he never had acne. Well, very seldom, like one pimple in one year. And that zit would last for only 5 hours. 
3. He is techie and treats his gadgets like diamonds. He provides them with tender loving care. 
4. While he is techie, he does not care much about clothes. As long as his shirt is clean, he's good to go. 
5. He loves top siders! 

6. He underwent appendectomy when he was 9. Mine was removed when I was 14. His stitches were perfect, like he never went under a knife, while mine looks like a centipede and often mistaken as a stretch mark.
7. He has a dimple, but it's only visible upon projecting a sour face. 
8. He won a pageant when he was 17. 
Ahmm, Edward Cullen, is that you? So white the fez! 
9. His car's name is Big Steak, but I call it Beef Steak.

10. I was his first girlfriend. He was my first boyfriend too. 
11. He knows how to handle finances. I'm learning from him. 
12. He has a keen eye for photography. 
13. His celebrity crushes include Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Anne Curtis and Ethelyn Perlas..ahahahaha
14. He looked like a girl when he was a toddler.

15. He's a knight in white uniform. 
16. He loves his family so much. So much is an understatement. 
17. He has a generous heart!!! 
18. When the time comes, he's going to be the best and coolest dad. 

lots of love from your
Earth Angel

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