A blessed 2012 everyone!!!! My first post for the new year is a backlog. hehehe..Bryan and I spent the blissful 2 weeks of December shopping, eating and laughing and loving. And speaking of eating, Cyma became our favorite for 2011. You'll often find me here now, thanks to their healthiest, yummiest and freshest vegetable salad. 
Cyma Chopped Salad. It's a combination of greens, sun-dried tomatoes, wallnuts, pears, arugula, tomatoes, parmesan and bleu cheese! I love blue cheese! It's served with their traditional Greek vinaigrette. Yummy!!!
Spinach and artichoke fondue..There's something about spinach artichoke that I so love. Could be the cheese, or the spices, or the breads? Bryan and I share this joke whenever we eat spinach artichoke (it rhymes!). We keep on telling each other to eat more artichokes because they're aphrodisiacs. hahaha
Bryan and I both ordered Gyros. His was lamb, mine was chicken. I couldn't distinguish the meats here, but both are equally gratifying to the tongue. They are served with potatoes, so even if you just order this, you'll be full, and satisfied. By the way, we did not order all of these at the same time. 
Cyma in Trinoma
And for the dessert, we had Skolatina! This was heaven! It looks plain, but there's choco lava inside. It was served hot, so we ate it together with the vanilla ice cream. This dessert caught my attention because it's the same as Zuzuni's Mati Chocolate Sin in Boracay. Cyma's original restaurant is located in Boracay and Cyma and Zuzuni are the only Greek restos in the exotic island (as far as I know), so that makes them rivals, right? heehee


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