Big Bang for 2012--My Book!

You know when they say we are swimming in a pool of blessings? We just have to take a dip or even dive sometimes. Three months ago, I received an email that looked like a spam message. I like to keep my email clean so I always delete unimportant/unwanted messages. Good thing I checked it. Turned out, it was a message from an editor in Lambert Academic Publishing in Germany. A colleague referred me since I just finished my thesis this year last year. They wanted to see and screen my manuscript, although it was also mentioned that my manuscript may be rejected if it did not pass their standards. I'm scared of rejections, but how will I know if I won't try, right? And besides, what will be the purpose of my study, my own sweat, blood and fats if it will just be stuck in the library as a gray literature? So without any hesitations, I sent them a PDF file of my paper. A little beyond 2 weeks later, the editor emailed me again, and announced the good news. My paper was accepted!! Woohooo!! I could not believe it, really. I felt my pits getting wet as I read the message more than ten times, at the same time feeling pressured since I still have to do some minor revisions. It was not until the second week of December when I finished the task. My husband was here then, so I was inspired to work on it. Ahhhh, the magic of love. hahaha..Corny!! By the way, unlike any other papers that are usually published in elite journals, mine was stand alone because it's a book. Yep, you read that right, a book! And as I type this entry, I could not help but giggle because besides winning a pageant, I also want to be an author, and this is a dream come true. The copy of my own book is on its way here. It could take some time. Meanwhile, I'd like to show you the cover of my book. 

My adviser and mentor, Dr. Famadico is also my co-author. It's available online for 49 euros. It's cheaper in Amazon (click click) for only 41 euros. Curious? click here
I now have a book!! Yehey!!! But to be honest, this is not yet the book I wanted, so my goal for "I will be an author" is just slightly checked. This is a research-type, so it requires updates, which means 4 or 5 years from now, it may not be a good source anymore. I want another book that could be read by everyone, including kids, and something that could stay in the hearts of the readers, but I have yet to plan it. And if it happens, I will let you know. :) You want another secret? If your heart is filled with gratitude, more blessings will come your way. A blessed and fulfilling 2012 awaits all of us! :)


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  1. Hi Ethel, I blog-hopped my way onto your blog. :)

    Congratulations on your book! My, that is big! But I hope you do get to have your *dream* book published so you can finally tick off being an author. :)

    I love your blog, will definitely be a frequent visitor, I love your outfit posts.


    My husband also teaches at UST, pero sa Conservatory naman. :)


  2. Hi Dea! Thank you for visiting my humble blog. It means a lot! Oh, baka nagkita na kame sa mga school events, though there are really a lot of faculty members in UST. God bless! :)


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