Pageant kuno

Here's a little secret I want to share. Many months ago, I started writing all my goals in a 5-page intermediate paper (aka long pad). Every morning upon waking up, I recite my morning offerings then read my goals. Most of my goals are achievable (e.g: my wedding was featured in a magazine and I finished my master's degree this year and a lot more), but some are, err, out of this world. One of those out of this world goals is "I will win a pageant." Here's the catch. I was thinking that maybe when my husband and I get pregnant, our daughter will be a future beauty queen, or if it's a boy, then maybe he could follow his dad's footsteps. As crazy as that. Who would have thought I will personally join a pageant? Just to give you a background. The pageant started last year at the university. Each college/faculty will have 2 representatives (male and female). I was bullied this year, so you know where this story leads. It was not a major, major, pageant, but still, I have to face a huge crowd. Facing a crowd is my greatest fear, much more when asked an impromptu question. 95% of me wanted to say "NO, not in my wildest dreams will I join this.", but 5% of me says "Yes, join so you will conquer your fear." And so the 5% won. This year's theme was Filipiniana, and the titlists will be named Lakan at Lakambini. By the way, this was announced just two weeks ago. On the first week after the announcement, my partner, Eriq and I scouted for Filipiniana clothes. We opted for an ethnic, Muslim-inspired costumes. We even went to Camp Suki, but to no avail. I already have something in mind, so I immediately messaged Roy Anne Lee of Fabrichild. This lady has always been heaven's sent! I sent her my pegs and asked if she could make it in 3 days. She finished the costume before the required time and immediately shipped it at home. My partner, however, spent his weekend at the mall and was able to find one. 

My belly was bare during the pictorial, but on the day itself, I wore a leotard. My Sathura hair extensions were once again used.  
I was doomed the day before the event, although it helped that my husband is here for a 2-week vacation. I literally had bad dreams of making a fool out of myself in front of all the professors and priests and students and even St. Thomas Aquinas. I thought, after this event, only my real friends will stay. I wasn't able to eat on the day because I thought I'm going to puke on the stage. Really, there are not enough words for a pessimist! I was attracting all the bad vibes and it reflected on my face. I hated it.

But few hours before the event (it was only yesterday, by the way), my husband and sister stayed with me and my partner, Eriq. They were armed with cameras, shooting every angle of us while encouraging me to shoo away all the pessimism. My colleagues were very supportive too. And I prayed, prayed and prayed. 
practice muna kunware
Mandatory photo-op at the staircase of UST's Main Building.
My Dennis Trillo-Christian Bautista look-alike partner, Eriq. His  tattooed  face was done with an eye-liner by our own student.
There were 13 pairs of candidates. We introduced ourselves, then the judges picked 5 pairs. My partner and I were candidates #2. 2 seemed to be a sweet song in my ears last night. My partner was called for the Lakans. Then I was called too. Cool! haha..We were already very happy. Since it was a Filipiniana themed contest, we used our own language. I couldn't even remember my answer, seriously. Well, I remember the thought, but I couldn't put the words together anymore. But I was satisfied. I didn't stutter. I was surprised! My partner bagged 1st runner-up for the Lakans. But without any bias, he's the winner for me. For the Lakambinis, lo and behold, I won! I still couldn't believe it. hahaha...And that night, I believed God used my tongue. He is very clever. 

So oily the fez! Congrats to us!  
As for my husband, he's proud as a peacock. 

I will win a pageant. Checked. Keep on dreaming, guys. Nothing is impossible when you believe. Thank you, Lord for another unexpected, sweet blessing. I conquered my fear! :)

Earth Angel

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