I'm ready for rain!

I received my package from Ready for Rain when we got home after the party/pageant. It's a gift from Bryan! By the way, Bry's back in the U.S now. :'(

I decided many months ago that I should own a pair so my shoes will be saved. Our weather is so unpredictable now. One minute it's scorching hot, then moments later, it's pouring. I threw many pairs of shoes already because they soaked from the rain.huhuhu
So far, Ready for Rain is the only local brand I know that sells stylish rain boots. Their latest collection caught my attention (maybe because of the bows and plain colors). The Loeffler Randall rain boots are nice too, but my priority now is to protect my feet and shoes, so my new rain booties are perfect. 

Tadaah! I chose Baby Doll. For details, click here.
This is how they look like when worn. So cute, they don't look like rain booties at all. 
The booties come in a carry tote too, so bringing them everywhere will not be a problem. Well then, I'm ready for rain! But every time I attempt to wear these babies, the rain would stop.hahaha
Earth Angel

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