Bryan's here...

In a few hours! Surprise! Just a brief fyi: My husband only goes home once a year, 3 weeks at the most. When he does, we plan it carefully so we'll have all the days together (e.g: before summer classes starts, or after). He had his blissful vacation last April, during my graduation. But few days ago, his 86 year-old grandaunt died, so they have to go home (including mama and his 2 other siblings). It's bittersweet, really. I cannot hide the fact that I am very happy because I'll see him again and we'll be together for 2 weeks, but the main reason why he has to go home makes me sad. This morning, I prearranged my schedule so someone could relieve my RLE group. My friends volunteered to take over my students for the next six days. I am that blessed! Thank you, friends! I am leaving work for days, but I cannot help but worry because I'm passing my responsibilities to other people. It upsets me. But then again, this is only for a few days. I need this break, because the next time I'm going to see my husband (gasps!) will be a year from now, or more. It makes me even sadder. I have a lot of "if only's" in my head, like if only we're millionaires, we won't have to work to be separated most of the time etc etc. But since I mentioned this, I will make that "if only" real. For now, I am happy. I will see Bryan in a few hours, so I am wide awake now, cleaning our room because my very special guest is coming. 

Earth Angel

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