Married or not..guess what?

Few days ago while I was in a long line of a hotdog stand, there was a teenage couple in front of me who were extra sweet to each other. I don't know if it was just the hormones (because I'll have my period anytime this week), but I was irritated and disgusted while they hug, kiss and gaze at each other's eyes. I was getting impatient with the long line so I observed them instead. The guy did an annoying dance (because there was background music) and the girl giggled and stared at her boyfriend's eyes with so much admiration. She looked at him like he did the most amazing thing in the world. I didn't have to verify if they were still boyfriend and girlfriend, because I know. When Bryan and I were not yet married, I used to giggle even at his corniest jokes, like everything about him was so significant. Then when we got married (I know it was only a year and 10 months, and we were only together for less than 5 months because he had to leave and work.), some things have changed. I still laugh at his silliest ways, like when he makes faces or dances in front of me, but when he repeats it over and over again, I throw him a sour face because it's annoying. Before, we were inseparable. We even send text messages at least 6 times per hour everyday (as long as we can). Now, we do our own stuff even if we are together. Sometimes, we don't talk for an hour or so, and note that we are together in our tiny room. Before, it always makes me giggle at the thought of him. Now, I feel nothing, like "okay, he's my husband". That's it. I can still jot down a lot of things. I know he feels the same way. But does it mean we're bored with each other, and worst, lost the love we had? NOPE! It's just that our relationship is maturing. That's how I see it. We love each other, but love does not mean we have to feel something (e.g: You love your parents or siblings or friends, but you don't experience blood rush or giggle at the thought of them, right? Except when they remind you of something really funny.) You don't have to agree with what I say. I am saying this based on my experience. I keep on mentioning here that my husband and I are in a long distance love affair. We skype everyday (yeah, skype is a verb now.haha), but sometimes, we don't talk much. We may be online, but we're doing other things. He watches a movie, I do my school work.  Buuut, we do simple things that mean so much, and for a moment, that's all we need, and we're happy. :))

Earth Angel

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