Wow! Three consecutive outfit posts. Today, I'll share my love for Jellybean. Years ago, I practically skipped this shop whenever I stroll the mall because I find it too cutesy, like it's only for elementary and high school girls. I can't remember the day it got my attention, but it's the first shop I visit now. Last month, my birthday month, I had my one-stop-shop here and went home with a huge paper bag (it's because of the shoe boxes). I was literally like a kid in a candy store. Note that I only do this shop-til-you-drop once a year, and I allot a budget for this. 
polo, necklace and shoes: Jellybean, jumper: Archive Clothing, socks: S.M Dept

Years from now, I won't look good with these clothes anymore, so why not grab the opportunity  NOW?

Earth Angel

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