Forever 21 + Body Forms

This morning, my cousin, Ren and I went somewhere in Ortigas to attend a seminar on finance, after which we dragged our feet off to Megamall and checked some shops. Oh, we were only able to explore one shop, the humongous Forever 21 (we stayed there for 3 hours!) Believe it or not, it was my first time there since its debut. Let's just say I am not comfortable in Ortigas area. I always get lost whenever I go there, especially when I was preparing for our wedding. Geez..
So I asked Ren to choose a piece of clothing that will be my Christmas gift to her. Boy, was she excited! I checked F21's website the night before and saw this beige chiffon pleated dress with black peter pan collar. It was love! Ren and I went separate ways to examine each rack. She found this and I gasped with delight.
It was the dress I wanted!
 I looked for my size, tried it right away and adored the reflection on the mirror. I was ready to purchase it, but I stopped myself. Why? Because I just WANT it, and I don't really need it (but gifts are welcome, I'm size small..heeee). I'm proud of myself because I am finally surpassing the "Ohmigosh, this is soooo pretty, I need to have this, I can't live without this" stage. Well then, I guess it's true when they say you become wiser when you get older. But for me, it's more on prioritizing. 

Anyway, I was able to try, like nine dresses. I didn't buy any. I'll tell you why.
These were some of the dresses I tried on (the others are not anymore available on F21's website). Most of them were body hugging (oo na, filingera ako). I particularly love the ones with mesh details like the first and the last photos below. I slid the bodycon dresses, they all fit well from shoulders to the waist, until they reached my butt and thighs. Boom! My butt couldn't breath! I wasn't moving in the dressing room for 5 seconds. And there was like a small life buoy pooching around my puson. I got bigger sizes, the butt part fit well, but the upper part, all loose. 
This dress is also available in black and royal blue.

This dress fit me well, though it's not part of the top 3.

So that's the genes I inherited from my mom! Slender arms, small boobs, average waist but protruding lower abdomen, big thighs (although mine look normal). It's the main reason why I appear thin to others, and another reason why I abhor tight fitting jeans. I'm lucky enough though to be married to someone who eyes an angelic face with nice legs and butt. I happened to have those three. ahahaha

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