The Bun

My limp hair is always in a ponytail ever since I cut it short. Short hair is high maintenance, if only I knew earlier. I can't keep up with that (blow dry, iron etc.) as I'm always on the go, and my job requires neat looking hair. So I vowed to myself not to chop it anymore, but for the meantime, I'll tie or bun it until it grows back to the desired length I want. 

Remember my post about hair extensions? Besides the clip-on, I also have another one, but the artificial hair is attached to a huge clamp. The ends are wavy. I tried it again, hoping to give life to my oh-so-boring hair. This time, I twisted and wrapped the ends to form a bun. And....Tadah!! I'm a bun expert by the way. My college life revolved with a bun and a hair net. :)
Instant thick, glamorous do! I know, the extensions don't match my hair color, but it's not that obvious though.  Let's take a closer look. 
Me likey! It's heavy, but I can deal with it. And for the outfit: nude lace top: Archive Clothing, skirt and necklace: Forever 21(The skirt was a gift from my fasyon best friend.), shoes: Jelly Bean (It's my current favorite store, I feel so girlish), hair extensions: Sathura  
 Second semester will officially start on Tuesday. I love second semesters! It's shorter, faster and there are so many things to look forward to like Christmas, New Year and our second wedding anniversary. That's it for now. I may be in a hiatus again once classes begin. Have a blessed week!

Earth Angel

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