What I learned during typhoon and the past days

I was in a brief (brief only, because I slept right away) state of euphoria last Monday evening when I received a text message from a colleague that classes are suspended the next day due to stormy weather (it was extended until Wednesday). Ever since September started, I substituted a friend's work schedule because she gave birth to her first son, (Congrats, Anne!) which made Sunday my only off. I was happy and thankful for the 2-day rest (daig ko pa nanalo ng lotto). But every time a typhoon hits the country, I always pray for everyone's safety, especially my family in Pampanga. You see, our town is known for flood. Most of the houses there are bungalows but were constructed high above the ground to get rid of the flood. Ours was built around 1.5 meters from the ground, but the elevation wasn't good enough this year. The flood reached  the insides of our home (first time in 15 years!). Time for general cleaning. Consolation is, we will get rid of a lot of things and our house, hopefully will be spacious. It's been 5 days, yet the flood has not subsided. My parents and older sister evacuated our place and are staying at our grandmother's house. 

Here are some of my discoveries (and things I learned) during the past days. 
1. There was no electricity for 2 1/2 days. Good thing there's water. I can survive without electricity and live like a monk as long as there's water...and fresh air.
2.  My sister, Bim gave me a youth bible weeks ago. I vowed to myself to read the bible more often and this youth bible made it a lot easier for me to understand the stories. I was curious about the story of Tamar but ended up reading Noah's Ark, which was apparently a coincidence since our place in Pampanga is already flooding at that time. :/
4. I still can't believe people used to live almost a millennium before and were active making sons and daughters at the age of 100 and above. I told you, I don't read the bible (unless there was an assignment in school), although one thing I knew by heart was the age of Noah when he entered the ark, a whooping age of 600. 
3. Our offertory wedding candle holders were a big help during the 2 1/2-no electricity-day. The small and stout candles are better, sturdier and safer than the long ones.
4. The day seemed longer without electricity. I was able to do a lot of things. I read 3 books, watched 2 movies (viva Toshiba for a 5-hour battery life), cleaned the room, worked out. 
5. I appreciated my cell phone and it was handled with so much care. It was my only way to communicate and I had to spare the battery. 
6. I slept early and felt rested. 
7. I had my upper teeth braces back last April. The rubber, colored or not still stains. I used to only choose white rubbers so my braces won't be obvious until my older sister commented, "Oh, why did you choose yellow rubbers? They look like teeth stains." I answered, "Hmmm, yellow? But these are white (grabbed a mirror to check, to my horror, they became pale yellow). I ate mangoes the whole week and it's the culprit. Then just last month, I chose a bright blue rubber and yesterday, it turned green because of curry. Even brushing won't help. 
8. Even newborns already have personalities. In the area where I was assigned, we bathe newborns every morning, an average of 10 per day. Some cry, some don't. Some sleep, yes even during bathing. Some smile. Some pee and shit. Some make their moms nervous because they pause and seemed to hold their breaths for more than 5 seconds before they burst out wailing. They're so funny and interesting. 
9. I have to eat salty foods (aka junk food! the saltier, the better) days before my period or I will collapse. Seriously.

Earth Angel

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  1. very well-written sis! i also agree with most of your observations during a typhoon, hoping everyone's safe and comfortable now,especially your family..

  2. Thank you, Belle! My family's safe, sound and dry now, but our area's still flooded.Booo! Though I can't wait to go home and help with the general cleaning. :)


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