Rio Joyze + Funky Feet

After we explored Ma Mon Luk, my sister and I went to the mall to buy infant socks. No, I'm not nesting. I'm not even pregnant. The socks were for my new goddaughter, Rio Joyze, combined names of her genius parents, Romario and Joyzen. Her mom, Joyzen became my best friend ever since we worked as clinical instructors. I think I mentioned her here several times already. We were classmates in first year college, but got closer in 2008 when we were both hired as faculty members. She got married on 2009 and got pregnant February (or January) this year. And oh, we were also classmates at the Graduate School and took MCN (Maternal and Child Nursing) as our major course. One time during our class, she suggested there should be an 'ovulation leave' for couples who want to conceive, thus inventing "OL" (fyi: Ovulation is when a woman is fertile and capable of conceiving, but this only happens once a month, at least, for someone who has a regular menstrual cycle). So every time she absent herself, we joked that she declared another OL. And tadahhh!! It happened! She got pregnant! I am surrounded with preggies, actually. Some of them already popped their babies out. 
Here's what I gave my goddaughter. Socks from Funky Feet, not quite shoes. There was a time when I started liking some pages of baby stuff on Facebook and these socks were one of those. They look like shoes from afar, perfect for non-walking babies. The design I chose is "Bows on my Toes".
Each box has 5 pairs of fasyon socks.
Click this link to Funky Feet's Multiply store to see how the socks look like when worn.
Hello everyone! I'm Rio Joyze and I'm the bida and the guest for today at my Ninang Beng's blog. I'm only 3 weeks old,  but I look bigger than my age. I looked like my mom when I was born, but now, they say I have a better resemblance of my dad. It flatters him! hihi..Ninang Beng said I will be smart when I grow up because I got my mom's forehead. I sleep most of the time and just wakes up when I'm hungry, that's why I'm this big already. I don't even cry when I poop. I suck better on the right breast of mommy because I get a better grip there. Mommy knows when I suckle right because she feels a vacuum-like motion in there. I still don't have photos in Funky Feet socks, but I'm excited to wear them. Mommy needs to wash them first.  I'll flaunt them soon as my folks are now busy preparing for my Christening. 
I'm happy to see you, Ninang Beng! Mommy just fed me, so I'm sleeping again. Ninang Beng looks pregnant here. hihi..She's still full from the Chinese food she devoured. Bye!
 Earth Angel
Rio Joyze

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