Ma Mon Luk

Three weeks ago, I had my nursery orientation/training (I am now back where I belong because Nursery is closest to my heart.) at a certain government hospital in Binondo, and since then, I am always craving with Chinese food. There was even a time when I ate siopao (although the ones I bought were only from a 7-Eleven store) and hopia (Eng Bee Tin is a new favorite) as my afternoon snacks for a week. I still salivate up to this moment with that thought. So in search for an authentic Chinese food, my sister and I headed to Ma Mon Luk yesterday. Although the restaurant is only a few blocks away from home and passes by it almost everyday, I neglected it for years. We sort of starved ourselves so we could order a lot. I know, it's bad. Don't do it. We giggled as we entered the low profile restaurant. It's not air-conditioned, but it's huge and you could really tell it's old. Most customers were old folks too. Here's what we ordered.

Original Mami at Php105/large bowl. This was my order.  
Siomai Php45 for 2 huge pieces. This looks oily, but it's yummy! Don't forget the calamansi and soy sauce. 
Ate Boom ordered beef mami at Php115/large bowl.

Beef mami at Php115
Special siopao asado at Php60. The special siopao has asado, chicken and salted egg. This is quite big.  Hindi kami gutom, no? It was our first time, so we ordered this much, hehe..And we're coming back again and again until our cravings are satisfied. It's by the way located at Banawe, Quezon Avenue, near Sto. Domingo Church. :)
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