I am 27 today

I turned 27 today, but I'm feeling younger! Since I felt special and loved today, I'd like to share what happened 27 years ago. I sort of consider myself a miracle baby. You see, my parents got married on 1982 and had my older sister the year after. During the first course of 1984, my mom had an ectopic pregnancy that one of her ovaries and fallopian tubes had to be removed. A month after the surgery, she found out she was pregnant with me. How fast was that? hahahaha..So that was the start of my beautiful and blessed life. 

The original plan today was postponed because of Pedring's aftermath, so I stayed here in the city and had a little celebration with my sisters and my brother-in-law and his family. We had pasta, pizza, fried chicken and cheesecake. Just that simple. And then my sisters surprised me with a video birthday greetings from loved ones around the globe (Singapore, China, California, Las Vegas, Qatar, Venezuela-which turned out to be Valenzuela, Rizal, Pampanga, Sampaloc Manila.haha..It was so funny, and heart warming). Wow, I'm speechless! Truth is, I don't like surprises, because I don't know what to react, but this one is an exception. Thank you, thank you!! There are a lot of things I want to blog right now, but I'm struggling with different ideas so I'll leave  you with this for the meantime. 
Surprise! This photo was taken this afternoon.  Remember when I chopped my hair? I  had it chopped again last May, only much shorter. Unfortunately, I can't maintain it so I always tied my hair up until it grows back again. I miss my long hair. Then I came across this hair extensions from Sathura (care of S.M Department Store), but I want to explore Tokyo Posh soon. The extensions made me feel so ladylike. My sisters tried it too and they loved it. This is what you need when you have thin and limp hair like mine. So there you go. Our students are happy now because it's their semestral break. I'll have mine next week because I still have to finish an orientation in the nursery (back where I belong). 

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