My 80-hour orientation at the nursery is finally over! But I just want to rant something. Days ago while having our benign duty at the Delivery Room-Nursery (for non-nursing, we use the word benign when there are no delivery cases), some students, a colleague and I stayed at the spacious Recovery Room of the D.R. There was one post-partum mom with her first born son and one student asked if she already has a name for him. The mom replied, Lucas. I love the name Lucas. There are only few male names I like. There's Miguel, Ethan, Jacob, Gavin, Antonio and Lucas. When the time comes that I conceive a male baby, we'll choose from these names. So there, I got excited with the name Lucas that I blurted out Lucas Perlas. Then one student said casually, "Ma'am, if you name him that, he will be bullied."  At first, I thought he said "He will be a bully." so I replied "No, he won't be a bully. He will be as gentle as his dad." But with his words, "HE WILL BE BULLIED", I got upset, at some point, I wanted to slap him. Of course I didn't do it. I hid my reaction. Maybe he said that because "Lucas Perlas" is rhyming, which means it will be a good medium for pesterers. Still, he does not have any right to predict that my future child will be bullied. Frankly, Bryan and I laughed at how the name sounds so we said we should put a second name. Anyway, I became upset because I know how it feels like to be bullied. When I was in third grade, I had notorious male classmates. So notorious that they even made our class adviser cry. They would punch my female classmates and provoke fights with other male classmates. It was the worst class I attended. Then in fourth grade, two of my male classmates called me names. I can't remember anymore but I think it was "siopao" (now I'm craving for siopao again). They made fun at how I pronounced the word because I sounded lisped. I ignored them, but one time while having a lecture class, one of them called me siopao and tears started to form my eyes. The cry was real but I had to get even with them, so I didn't stop crying until our teacher saw me and asked what happened. In the end, our teacher made them stand in front of the class and said sorry. Or back in college, when Bryan and I started dating, I heard some comments like "Bryan's girlfriend is ugly!" etcetera ectetera. But I think this is more of envy, not bullying.
Bryan was also bullied before. You see, he was fat in elementary and he didn't know how to groom himself. He had thick, sky-high hair like an Afro and his uniform buttons almost gave up because his tummy was protuberant especially when full. He showed me his elementary photos. The descriptions were accurate, but I had a glimpse of a cute, kind-looking, lovable boy. His classmates perceived otherwise. They called him "Nanay" because they thought he looked like a haggard mom with 7 children. Then earlier in high school, they called him "bading" (gay). He knew how to handle those things, so he got over with those eventually. 
Bullying is normal for schoolers, but should we tolerate this? I don't have a kid yet but it breaks my heart when I hear stories like this. On the contrary, most bullies I know have family problems. Like there was one who gets the food of his classmates but it turned out he was actually deprived of food at home. Things like that. But if ever it happens to my kid, I'll ask him/her to invite the bully in our home, have snacks and play with whatever games will be in at that time. Then I'll butt in and assess the kid. I don't know, I'll keep this entry hanging. 
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