I spent the long weekend in our province, and as usual, my dad asked me what I wanted for dinner (because I went home in the afternoon). I was craving for tinolang manok but then I changed my mind and told him I'm going to cook for dinner. I love to cook, but it's been a while since I managed the kitchen. I missed it. My mind was all set to prepare carbonara until my friend, Anna  interrogated and gave me her recipe of Tuna Pesto. It's easy to prepare and best of all, it's healthy. That's parmesan cheese all over the bell peppers. I know I should have put the cheese first before the garnish. 
Everyone enjoyed it except me because I didn't have any appetite. That's the price I get whenever I prepare food. I was able to taste my newest recipe the next day. I gobbled it!  That's pesto cheese bread from Pan de Manila by the way. 
Earth Angel

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