The Distant Wife

Hi! My name is Ethel. I'm 26 years old. I got married twice last year, with the same man, my boyfriend for more than 6 years. We had a whirlwind romance. We studied in the same university in college but took different fields. I invited him on Friendster because he was my crush. It was crush at first sight when he saw my photo and kiligness over when he saw me in person (hahaha). I love watching Jolo Revilla because they look alike, but my husband is more simpatiko. Our relationship could have been perfect if not with the geographical distance between us. Yes, we've been in a long distance love affair ever since. Before, it was city to province, then it became country to another country. This is the most challenging part but we are surpassing it day after day after day. After all, this separation is only momentary and heartaches will soon be over. Why heartaches? Because I miss him everyday, every moment, and I am not used to it even if it has been years. My blog has evolved for the past three years (the first one on Multiply) from my rants and anything shallow, to landing to the job I want, to being engaged, to the wedding preparations and finally, as a married woman. Within that span of time, I've changed. I am more mature now and I now know what my priorities are. I used to just read fashion blogs, but now, I find myself following mommy blogs or anything family related. The thing is I cannot grasp the whole scenario because my case is rather "special", but I do love those wonderful women who unselfishly share about their families, children, jobs and other stuff that I find amusing. So now, I figured to write more about "The Distant Wife", how my husband and I deal with our long distance love affair and other things heart related. :)

Earth Angel

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  1. pangga!!! i know bryan's heart and yours are one and pure! soon everything will fall into its proper places and you'll experience all the overflowing love a marriage can provide. smile! i know you're one of the few who is very lucky indeed! ;o)


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