Closet Resolution

Weeks from now, I will turn 27. Part of my resolution is to keep things simple or low maintenance. I don't know if it's a sign of aging, but I realized I don't need too many things to be happy and I'm glad and proud to say that my impulsiveness is under control. I will get rid of the clutter and will start off with my disorganized closet.
This is where I keep my vintage inspired dresses and other dresses. My closet is full of dresses! haha..Enough of the word dress, but there is still another section below.
Closet etiquette 101: hangers should all be the same. Obviously, I don't follow this. I have plenty of reasons though, but I'll work on it.hehe..These were already sorted and gave away the unnecessary, the ones I don't wear anymore but still in very good condition, but I'm planning to go through them again. Most of my clothes are dresses. They are divided into 3: work, casual, formal/semi-formal. The oldest I own here is the blue checkered at the lower middle. Never mind if you can't see it. I bought it in my high school years.

This part is organized already. It's the top/shorts/skirt area. FYI: I buy shirts and polo at the male section because they're more comfortable.
Since I discarded plenty of shirts, I plan to buy more of these. Ultimately a no-brainer. So if you see me often with a plain black or white shirt, get used to it, they're my errand uniform. Shop here!
So that's it for this week.
P.S: I spent half of the afternoon today sobbing because I thought my blog was hacked! I still can't believe it's a very painful experience. My eyes are still swelling and I feel so tired. Apparently, Aisa's blog was injected with a virus or a malware (sorry, I don't know the terms) because her blog's stats are high (I smell envy here) and my blog was affected too. It will be fixed sooner. For the meantime, I am using Mozilla Firefox. :)

Update: Our blogs are fixed! Yey!!! :)

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