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I was not gifted with a good skin. Since I was 15, I had to endure the agony of a pimply face. My oil glands are so active (even now!) especially before my period that my pores became larger and eventually developed scars and pucked marks. There was even a time it affected me so much that I always cry. It pulled down my self-confidence. I hated myself and thought I was the ugliest person ever created. Sometimes I even asked why pimples are created. If they didn't exist, then it will be a happier world for most of us. I envy girls with porcelain-like skin, although most of the time, I am more encouraged to treat these problems and in my wildest dreams, achieve that pore less skin.  I even envy my husband because he has a good skin, like when a zit appears, it's gone the next day with him doing nothing. And there I was, struggling everyday! I tried almost all over-the-counter products (name it!), braved more than five facial salons and popped Isotretinoin pills. The pill was effective but I hate routine blood tests and I love my liver. 

Eventually, I  maintained a skin regimen. I monitored my skin and observed products that suit my skin. They worked for me, maybe they could work for you, too. 

On perfumes: I recently developed hypersensitivity on different products. For one, I cannot use perfumes anymore. Even colognes! Victoria's Secret is tolerable, but I have to spray it only on my clothes. Plus, I have to stick with Strawberries and Champagne. Other scents make me itch and I develop redness and skin allergies. I got married without any scent.

On hair: Remember when I chopped my hair and had a full bangs? Turns out, I broke out on the forehead and around my hairline. My dermatologist told me to get rid of the bangs, so I clip it everyday and I am always on a ponytail now until my hair grows back. Still, the zits never stopped and finally, my derma told me to change my hair products. I am now using Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Yes, the 'no more tears' formula. I got the conditioning shampoo (the red orange) but my hair is still dry. I can use conditioner but I have to put it at least 5 inches away from the hairline and make sure it won't come in contact with my face. 

On skin: I only use Dove unscented. Sometimes, I use Kojic soap but it's not available commercially. There was a time last year when my back broke out and these two products healed it. I don't use lotions either. To treat dry skin, I use baby oil (JnJ) and massage it on my damp skin after I shower. It works wonders. I use it on my feet too. 

On face: This is the highest maintenance I religiously do. I only trust two dermatology clinics-Dermclinic and Belo. When I want to have chemical peels, I go to Dermclinic. I avail their acne peel treatment. For regular facials, I go to Belo. The facialists in Belo do the extractions but they are so good. I also use Dermclinic's Nuderm Supreme as my daily regimen. 
This is the whole NuDerm Supreme package. It comes with a handy bag when you buy a set.  It's initially expensive but will last up to 8 months. Plus it's effective so it's worth a try. I may spend a fortune on my face, but that's one of the reasons why I work hard. And it's my reward to myself. 
Sometimes when I have a huge zit, I spot treat with Belo's CHAT. My face is clearing up now. Since my face is oily, I have an oil control film on hand. My face is always bare. The most that I put is loose powder and lip balm. By the way, I am also allergic to other toothpastes. I have a crust-like lesion on my chin now and it developed when I went home during the long weekend because the toothpaste I used was made in the Middle East. Maybe it has strong ingredients. Geez! 

As I've said, I battled with self-esteem. This is a usual teenage problem and I went through it. I used to have a lot of insecurities but I learned to overcome them when I regarded myself. I turned to God, I turned around and saw the beautiful people who love and appreciate me. They may be handful, but it's more than enough. It was boosted when I got married. Don't get me wrong. It doesn't mean you have to get married to develop self-esteem, but I gained a sense of security and I have to say this again, that my heart is filled with gratitude even with the littlest things.

Earth Angel

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  1. I agree zits make me sad too! =( I'm glad you found a way to fight it! Thanks for sharing! =)

  2. pangga even with the zits, you are still one of the most beautiful women i have known- inside and out! <3

  3. I must confess nung nagrelieve po kyo smen nung OSAM, initial impression ng half of the RLE is, "Wow, ang ganda ni maam" :))

  4. @aie: Hi Aie! Kaysa namang magmukmok ako, edi magpaganda na lang tayo diba? hehe :)

    @jozen: Yiiih! You're belong to the 'handful ones', pangga!! Thank you!! :)

    @rj: Awwww!!! Magkaka atherosclerosis ata ako, dahil pinapataba mo puso ko.hehe :)


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