It's all because of Shaider

It all started with this picture.

I made it my profile photo on Facebook and Bryan "liked" it. He told me I look like someone else. I asked who and he said, "Hmmm, I think you look like Annie." Annie?!? "Yes, Annie of Shaider." I said, "Ohhh! Why, do you see my underwear?!?!?" 

For others' sake, Shaider is a Japanese superhero and was aired on television sometime in 1990 before Magandang Gabi Bayan on Abs-Cbn. Sharp memory! haha..Annie was Alexis' (Shaider) love interest. She has 2 costumes (yellow and brown) and because she's wearing an Indian-inspired mini skirt, her white underwear is often exposed during fight scenes. 
Oh Annie! I can actually see your groin!
Anyway, here's a decent photo:
There are a lot of things that remind me of my childhood. Shall we start off with t.v shows?
Japanese superheroes were a hit in early 90's, but I never knew their endings because the episodes were frequently replayed. If you know these shows, then maybe we're the same age or you never had cable t.v at home, so like me, you were stuck with local channels, specifically 2, 7, 9 and 13. Allow me to write in Taglish.

Bioman - I was always Yellow 4 then and pretended that my favorite color was yellow because my older sister owned PINK! She was Pink 5 then. (side note: lahat daw ng panganay na babae, Pink 5; lahat ng panganay na lalaki, Red 1..umamin na!!) Naalala niyo pala si Pibo? Yung color gold na robot na parang bading?

Shaider (Pulis Pangkalawakan) Since I was only 5 or 6 years old then and didn't know it was dubbed and originated from Japan, all the while, I thought one of the villains was Noli De Castro. hahaha..There's also the Shigishigi song while the villains bow to their god, Puma (or Fuma?).

Maskman - I like the love story of Michael Joe (RedMask) and Rio (twin sister of the villain). Do you know what happened? 

Mask Rider Black - Gwapo siya, pero mukang bangaw with matching usok pag nag transform. 

Machine Man - Nakakatawa yung costume niya. Litaw ang bibig tapos gawa sa plastik ang kapa (as in plastic cover ng libro). Magaling na kaya ang stiff neck niya? Kase diba nakadapa siya pag nakasakay sa wheels niya.hehehe

Voltes 5, Daimos and Dragon Ball - di ko sila favorite e, but worth mentioning. 

I know there's a lot more, but shall I jump now to the cartoons with moral lessons?

Cedie, ang munting prinsipe - dito nagsimula ang "Lahat ng natatanaw ng iyong mga mata, pag aari ko." Yes, ang yaman ng lolo!

Sarah, ang munting prinsesa - prinsesa ng dyamante

Si Maria at ang lihim na hardin

Si Maria at ang mga Von Trapp

Peter Pan - This is funny. My sister and I argued for so many years about the color of Peter Pan's clothes. I said it was brown. Ate Boom said it's green. It turned out to be red! hahaha..But it does look like brown. So until now, I still think I won the bet.
Mukha namang brown diba? Basta hindi yan green!
Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer! - all because of Indian Joe

Ang Alamat ni Snow White - super bait, maganda, pero may pagka tanga.hehe

Ang Alamat ni Cinderella - favorite ko ito!!

Little Women, Remi: Nobody's boy/girl, Dog of Flanders (I hate this one! I don't like tragic endings)

Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo ...and the list goes on and on!!

This is the last part. If you are a certified 90's baby, you freaked out and went gaga with any of the following:

> N'Sync
> Backstreet Boys
> Boyzone
> A1
> Hanson
> The Moffatts
> Spice Girls
> Britney Spears
> Westlife

Tama ako diba? hahaha
Pahabol: Kinanta mo rin ba ang Christmas in our Hearts ni Jose Mari Chan nung elementary Christmas party?

Earth Angel

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  1. Haha! :) It's always nice looking back. Naparemince ako dito maam.hehe

  2. nakakatuwa no? hehe :) so batang 90's ka rin pala. :)

  3. Believe it or not, I never noticed Annie's panty even if I used to watch Shaider. Haha ;-p

    Kaya pala yung mga guys na kakilala ko would rave and rave about Annie even up to now ;-p

  4. @sjen: Madalas kong mapansin dati pero hindi siya big deal sakin. Gosh! Totoo yan! Ganyan din ang reaction ng mga kakilala kong guys. They love Annie. They will never forget her. haha :)

  5. hi! nkakatuwa ka. :) halos parehas tayo ng mga memories nung bata pa at sympre nung 90s.. list of singers noon pati mga cartoons! grabe nkakamiss tlga sna pwedeng bumalik.


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