I saw a BIRD!!

Wow! Me blogging on a weekday is odd but I want to share you what I found just 30 minutes ago. I always go straight to the bathroom after my work because I couldn't take the lingering hospital smell and all the unnecessary microorganisms that go with it. So when I entered the bathroom to freshen up, I saw a moving silhouette on the small jalousie window. Frightened, I rushed to turn on the lights.

And this was the silhouette. 
 It was a beautiful bird! Knowing it could fly anytime soon, I rushed to get my camera. It didn't move even when I opened the screened window.
I called for help and one of the housekeepers was able to capture it. Good thing there's an extra cage and we placed it there. 
Can someone tell me what bird is this? I know nothing about animals except their classes. We put rice and water inside the cage. I'm afraid it might die because it looks weak, but I'm more afraid it could die because of my negligence. What shall I do?

Earth Angel

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  1. Ma'am! That's an African love bird... You should get it a partner. :)

  2. Someone told me it's a budgie. How will I know its gender? :)


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