Boracay Foodie..buuuuurp!

Besides the best calamansi muffin, here is the list that is worth your time and will definitely awaken your taste buds.

Jonah's Fruit Shake
This is located at Boat Station 1 (There is still another branch located along the road). It's near the famous grotto of Mama Mary. We went here on our second day via tricycle because it's too far from our hotel. Fruit shakes start at Php110 and you can mix and match flavors. I ordered mango-banana (I'm too safe I know!). Php110 seems hefty for a fruit shake but it was served in huge glass! So it's definitely worth it. We went there around 11 in the morning and it was high tide. They have a special container (distilled-bottled-water-like) too for people on the go but I don't encourage this simply for a reason that plastic bottles are not environment friendly. I prefer to stay in the laid-back restaurant while watching the waves outside. It's pretty soothing. 
high tide at Jonah's

I think it's called Manana because when you eat here, you have the tendency to procrastinate things.haha..I was hesitant to eat here at first because I never liked Mexican food. No matter how Bryan babbled and encouraged me to try burrito, I always give him a sour look. Without even asking, Ren and I ordered burrito platter (The platter consists of 2 burritos plus side dishes; I chose chicken while Ren had a combination of chicken and beef). My other 2 sisters ordered a platter of tacos EACH. Each platter had 3 pieces of tacos plus side dishes. Geez, I forgot the prices but I'm sure it's less than 300 per dish. 

When the food was served, it was literally a PLATTER. 
burrito platter with side dishes like paella and taco with dip
An order of 1 dish each is enough for the four of us. We were staring and smirking at each other with unverbalized words "Papano natin mauubos to?" It was served abundantly and presentation was very nice. Burrito is now my favorite! I haven't tasted the tacos because I was full already, and knowing how big my appetite is, I just consumed 1 piece. 
located at Station 1, along the commercialized area
Zuzuni is another Greek restaurant in Boracay (The other one is Cyma and it branched out already in Manila). And nope, we didn't eat Ambrosia (corny!) or any Greek food. We went in Zuzuni for their famous Chocolate Sin. They make the dessert on the spot so we waited for about 20-25 minutes. 
The chocolate looks like the usual size and shape of mamon. There's choco lava inside. I prefer to eat the hot lava together with vanilla ice cream. Yum! 

Zuzuni is very cozy at night. The lightings helped a lot.
Then some outfit posts with the same top

checkered polo is form Archive Clothing; hat: jelly bean;  maxi dress from S.M dept store
There are still a lot more to discover in Boracay but I am daydreaming about food now! :)

Earth Angel

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  1. nagutom ako sis!!! hehehe. btw, love your skirt, wala akong makitang ganyan sa SM! :(

  2. I love Manana! Super sarap ng burrito! We also ate at Hawaiian BBQ. Super tender ng meat. :)

  3. @pax: Nagutom din ako habang tinatype ko to.haha..Thank you! Bought the dress last May. Last stock na.

    @kristela: Ohhh!!! I forgot to include that. We also ate there. :)


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