Updates: Bryan

I wrote something about Bryan's home in the U.S sometime in 2009. Whew! Can't believe it's already 2 years. They stayed in an apartment since they migrated in the U.S, and just this month, the Perlases have finally moved in to their new home. Bryan was pretty much excited to enhance his room. Our room! He used this as a weapon to entice me to go there. Well honey, as much as I want to, the consuls forbade me, so we have to wait a little more time. It's a typical American bungalow with 4 bedrooms. Just by looking at the photos, I could say the house is warm. I particularly love the living room because it's ginormous.

The frontyard and backyard need a little overhaul though, and it's in the process. 

We also talked about Bryan getting his own car way back last year. Since they moved in already, and the neighborhood is quiet at night (the husband's work shift starts at 12 in the morning), Bryan finally decided to lease one. Yes, you read that right, LEASE! Car dealers have this option of leasing cars. After 3 years, the leasee may have the option to buy the car for a much cheaper price. We were discussing about it last week on Skype and well, the day after, he surprised me with the car. Ang bilis lang! He told me to check my email for the surprise. Being the great spoiler, I assumed the bedroom was totally organized and he was ready to show it off. Well, I was flabbergasted when I saw this!
The garage is huge too, so parking is not a big deal, unlike in their apartment before. He chose the top of the line, Honda Accord. It's so him. Malapad din!
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