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My sister, Ate Boom is finally back from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! Yey!!! To catch up with a lot of missed stories, we lifted our lazy butts and off we went to the beautiful island of Boracay on a sometimes-sunny, most-of-the-time-rainy month of July. We were lucky though. The sun was up glaring in our 3 day stay at the island. I came across Travel Online and they have the cheapest packages (apparently, we want quality time, not luxury..and it's highly recommended by the way). To satisfy the reader's curiosity, here's the package that we got for less than Php 7000 per head. 

> 3 days 2 nights accomodation at La Carmela de Boracay, standard room (The room is good for 4 people and we were exactly 4. As I've said, we were not after luxury so the room that we stayed in only has basic amenities including 2 twin size bed, air-conditioner, cable television, mini refrigerator, bathroom with hot and cold shower plus towels, small soap and shampoo+conditioner)

> land, air and sea transfers, all round trip (We opted for Kalibo route via Zest Air since it's cheaper. Zest Air is at Manila Domestic Terminal-also known sometimes as terminal 4. There is Php200 terminal fee. There are four airports in Manila. Terminal 1 has international, non-Philippine airlines. Terminal 2 only has Philippine Airlines, both international and domestic. Terminal 3 caters local airlines both international and domestic specifically Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific and PAL Express. Manila Domestic Terminal caters Zest Air and Sea Air.) Air trip is less than an hour. We landed at Kalibo Domestic Airport and an Island Express Bus picked us up and rode our way to Caticlan Jetty Port. Travel is approximately 1 and a half hours. We paid another Php125 (50 for the environmental fee and Php75 for the port fee) when we reached Caticlan Jetty Port. We then had a 20 minute boat ride toward Cagban Jetty Port. Lastly, a jeepney dropped us at the hotel. Whew! If you want to reach Boracay within 2 hours, then Caticlan route is the option.

> daily breakfast for 4 (We had ours at the hotel lobby. We were given stubs with dates upon check-in. I already had a hint we will be served ____KaLog or ____SiLog. The former was served. BaconKaLog, LongKaLog and CornKaLog. 

> complimentary grilled lunch or dinner for 4 at Villa De Oro (We had this on our last night. We were not satisfied with our previous dinner, at a hefty price! So I had this feeling this dinner will be the same, only to our surprise, it delivered! We all had chicken barbeque, and rice was unlimited. I chomped on 2 1/2 cups of rice.haha

P.S: There's not much activities we did there except swimming. Our itineraries only included food trip. To be posted asap. :) I was just a bit frustrated and disappointed whenever I see bottled water, candy or junk food wrapper floating by the sea, sometimes covered with the not-so-white-sand (Boracay once had a pristine white sand). It's an eye sore. Boo! When will people learn? On a lighter note, Boracay, although commercialized is still beautiful. :)

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